Please welcome: Sketchnote 2.0!

August 29, 2022

Say hello to two new dashboards—Academy and Workstation—a whole new file system and an enhanced search experience. Let's tell you all about it!

Hey there, files!

First up, we're so excited to tell you about the redesign that will blow your shoes off! Instead of a fragmented work style, here's a new file system that just makes a lot more sense. Now you can simply choose a primary view for your file (think docs for articles, Kanban for issues, or whiteboard for brainstorming) and get to work! You can keep adding multiple views inside a file, so all your work related to a project remains in one, centralized place alone!

Inside the new files, you can hit the explore menu to pin or favorite them and access them later. You'll also be able to archive or delete a file from within itself. You can now also add tags to files that you can search for later. Isn't that awesome?

Enhanced work experience

To give you a distraction-free experience, we've separated your work and learning lives. On the Workstation dashboard, which is also the default, you will be given all the tools you need in order to complete your projects, without any hurdles.

The sidebar for workspaces, shared, and private files is now compact and collapsible, letting you concentrate on the tasks at hand. You can pin or favorite files on the sidebar for easier access right here.

New academy dashboard

We've taken the 100+ startup lessons that are Sketchnote's USP, and turned this into a separate dashboard for an enhanced learning experience. Now, you can simply toggle the switch on top of your current dashboard to come to the Academy view. Here, you can either pick a recommended lesson or browse through our catalog and begin one.

From fundraising to marketing, ideation to personal development—choose from handcrafted lessons to grow on your startup journey. Pin a lesson to access it quickly from the sidebar later, if you're short on time. These lessons come with a customizable template that you can start working on, with or without completing the learnings as well!

Legal templates too are now in Academy, where you can create your own fully-useable documents like NDAs, MoUs, ESOP plans and more. This new view will also set the stage for our LMS feature, coming soon.

Psst, you can choose your default dashboard from Preferences, as well as the widgets you want on them.

Sleek new search

We've upgraded the search experience on Sketchnote, massively. Not only will you be able to search for file names now, but you will also be able to search for tags that you can add to your files!

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