Single task sharing now available

March 30, 2022

We’ve had a great few ⭐ BUMPER ⭐ weeks of releasing feature upgrades, the last few updates. And like night follows day, bug fix-heavy weeks follow feature heavy-ones! But we still have one new feature update for you!

Let’s tell you about updates this week!

Single task share is finally here

This has been a very popular request with power users of Sketchnote, where they wanted to just send one task from a board to concerned teammates. You can now do so! Here’s where it gets fun. Unless the teammate is also a part of that board, they will only be able to see the task shared with them, while the rest of your work remains confidential! Take a look at how it works here:

Board bug fixes, coming up

We’ve got three big Board fixes for you this week. First up: We’ve fixed the public board sharing issue that did not allow certain non-Sketchnote users to be able to peek into the tasks. Your public board is now view-only, truly. You can click on the task and view all the task details, including reading descriptions and viewing if there are any attachments.

Next, we’ve fixed the task duplication problem on boards. Previously, we noticed that if multiple people were working on the same task, it tended to get duplicated. That won’t happen anymore. Feel free to continue collaborating, without a worry!

Lastly, the board’s navbar will be a lot cleaner if you shrink the browser window. In the past, the navbar content tended to leak into the neighboring columns. Now you’ll be able to see it just right!

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