Sketchnote workspaces are finally here!

January 4, 2022

It’s a happy new year indeed, especially for us here at Sketchnote. Why, you ask? Well, we’ve already rolled out a bunch of new changes to the platform that you can probably already spot! We’re all about making the Sketchnote experience a faster, smoother, more intuitive one. So let’s get to it and tell you about some of these changes we’ve introduced!

Workspaces are finally here!

Yes, you’ve seen that “coming soon” icon on your dashboard for far, far too long. We promised to get workspaces out soon and here it is! What’s a workspace, you may ask? Well, inside every organization are various departments that may require their own little area to save docs and create boards on, exclusively for themselves. And with workspaces, this is now easily done!

You can create private and public workspaces for any and every project, vertical, team, and more. Find dedicated docs and boards tabs on it that can be viewed by all your team easily. Take a look at how this works!

Access legal templates quicker

We’ve also made it a lot faster to get to legal documents, right from the dashboard. Simply look for the option on the left of your screen, between boards and lessons. Find easy-to-fill, customizable and actionable legal papers you can use to build your startups at your fingertips. You can scroll through and select a template quickly, fill it out and then save it to your docs for future access. You can also quickly export it as PDF and start using the document within minutes! Here’s a glance at it.

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