Introducing workspace dashboards

January 19, 2022

Before we give you a lowdown on all that’s new with Sketchnote, we wanted to ask you something. How are you? Have you been doing well? Are you staying safe? Don’t forget to take some time out for yourself every once in a while to unwind 🌸. We’re sending you all our love from Sketchnote.

This week—nay, this year, really—we’re continuing to work on giving you a great user experience when you’re on Sketchnote. And we’ve made some tweaks and improvements to our newest offering, workspaces, and boards! Here’s what’s up:

A new hub with workspace dashboards

When we first introduced workspaces, you had to choose between either seeing your docs or boards page, directly. Starting this week, you’ll be able to see a dashboard for your workspaces, that’ll give you a brief overview of all that’s in it. You can see a brief description of the space, members in it, and recent docs and boards!

When you now create a new workspace, we’ll ask you to give it an emoji for faster recognition, a name and a description. Check it out!

Workspace toggle, now live

Another nifty thing you can now do is change the privacy of your existing dashboard, in a moment. Head on to settings and members, and toggle the availability of the workspace to public or private. Do note that if you toggle a private workspace to public, the dashboard and all docs and boards in it will be visible to the entire organization immediately.

Yes, you can still create workspaces visible to only some of your teammates, to handle exclusive departments and projects.

Board filters, available to all

We’re making it a lot more easier to find relevant tasks, just when you need them. Starting today, you can use filters on boards to find tasks by assigner, assignee, and priority. No more guesswork and digging in deep. Let’s save you some time!

Another quick boards fix is that the loader will no longer show a board as “untitled” when you try to access it from an outside page.

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