The Overview Tab, Now On Sketchnote

April 3, 2024

We've got two vital announcements to make in this edition of our newsletter. The first, as you guessed from the title of this email, is the launch of our brand new Overview tab, designed to revolutionize how you manage projects and files within Sketchnote.

The second is that we're setting the sun on three Sketchnote features. Stick around to get more information on those.

The new Overview tab

But first, let us tell you what's new with us! Presenting the Overview tab, designed to provide you with a comprehensive snapshot of your project's progress and key details. It's located conveniently on the top right of your files and can be toggled to pop up every time you open a file.

Here's what you can expect from the Overview tab:

Project Details: Add essential project information such as start and end dates and a brief description to provide context for your team. Keep everyone up-to-date! Team Collaboration: Quickly view all project members and guests, ensuring everyone stays informed and engaged throughout the project lifecycle.

Real-Time Data: Stay on top of progress with dynamic updates on task progress, tasks by statuses, and detailed analytics. All of these are accessible within the Overview tab! Task Updates: Take control of task completion percentages by manually updating them, empowering you to reflect progress and keep stakeholders informed accurately. This amazing new tab will let you streamline project management and enhance collaboration. Many of Sketchnote's long-time power users wished to see a single screen with project information, and this new Overview tab will help you drive your productivity like never before!

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