An improved editor experience

February 9, 2022

We’re making the Sketchnote markdown editor even better with, well, markdown content! Let’s give you a lowdown on this and other stuff that’s new this week on the platform!

Markdown improvements, ahoy!

On our editor, you can now copy paste any markdown data and we’ll turn it into rich text parsed format content immediately for you. This was an especially important feature for us because this really brings out the markdown sensibilities of the Sketchnote editor. Here’s a quick look at how at works:

Doc duplication with ease

We get the need to have multiple copies of the same file. It’s always easier to start with some content at hand rather that from scratch. Especially when you’re pressed for time. Presenting, doc duplication!

Now you can easily duplicate your document with just a couple of clicks, and have the same content available for your perusal. Note: If the duplicated document is a shared one, you can find it in your private folder. Only the content will be duplicated, it won’t be shared with the older users by default.

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