Introducing Sketchnote Community and Podcast!

January 6, 2022

Over the last year of building Sketchnote and interacting with users, entrepreneurs, and mentors, we realized something. There was a gap here we needed to fill. While we work on a platform that will bring your team closer on projects that matter, we needed to pull our ecosystem close too.

And so, we’re so stoked to announce two amazing new ways we’re expanding Sketchnote—our community platform, and a spanking new podcast!

Build our community with us

Join us on the brand new Sketchnote community platform! We’re building a stage for entrepreneurs to meet each other and learn from each others’ experiences, and more. The platform’s free to use and all you need to do is create your profile to join in. Pitch your craziest ideas, share tips and tricks, talk about the latest happenings in the world of startups—the sky’s the limit! Team Sketchnote will be on it too, and we’ll be posting information about upcoming webinars, meetups and more here as well.

We’re on air

In our entrepreneurial journey, we’ve come across some really crazy stories. Stories of grit, courage, building from scratch, rebuilding companies, and so much more! So much so that we decided to become storytellers ourselves. Say hello to The Sketchnote Startup Podcast where we bring you tales from the world of companies, interviews from insiders, productivity hacks, and much more. Join us for some fascinating accounts that are sure to make you sit up and take note.

We’re available on all leading podcast platforms already. Subscribe to us to get notified when a new episode is out!

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