Ace Team Collab With Sketchnote's Chat View!

October 20, 2023

Gasp! Back-to-back newsletters? Has Christmas come early this year? It sure has, if you're a Sketchnote user. We're announcing one massive new feature and upgrade this week. Take a look at what's new!

Introducing the Chat view!

Sketchnote's new Chat View is here, designed to supercharge your team's communication and collaboration.

Say goodbye to the days of juggling between Slack, Teams, and WhatsApp for discussions. Now, you can simply start a new Chat view within Sketchnote to discuss issues at hand. Whether you want to coordinate tasks, brainstorm ideas, or just have a casual chat, the Chat view is your one-stop destination.

As with documents on Sketchnote, the Chat view comes with the ability to bring up commands by typing '/'. You can format content within your chat effortlessly! Share your thoughts, attach images, and even embed YouTube videos—everything you need for seamless collaboration.

And that's not all! Mention someone using the '@' sign in the chat, and they'll receive an email notification. It's all about keeping everyone in the loop!

Better time estimations

We get it. Different industries work with different time estimation standards. That's why we're introducing a flexible time estimation feature!

You can now add estimated time to tasks in days instead of the standard hours. This update is especially handy for industries where day estimation is more relevant than hours. No need to break out your calculator to convert hours to days; Sketchnote has got you covered!

Check out all the changes in action, now!

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