A New Way To Work On Your Tasks!

November 4, 2022

It's a brand new month, so it's only right that we introduce a brand-new feature to kick things off! Introducing My Tasks—which some of you may have already seen on the side panel—that will make sorting through and prioritizing your upcoming issues much easier. Let's tell you all about it!

A home for your tasks

Some of the most methodical people we know swear by one thing—having a structured list of all the tasks they have on their plate. And that got us thinking. What if you could just have a tab where you could not just exclusively see all your tasks, but also categorize them the way YOU want it?

Hence, My tasks!

The tab, that you can find on the side panel, will show you all your pending and upcoming tasks from across all the workspaces and organization you're a part of. You can choose to let it be the way it is. Or you can add new sections that will serve as a personal marker for yourself, and segregate tasks to them. You can shuffle sections depending on what's most urgent, or even tasks inside them.

Think of this as an absolutely personal Kanban board, for your productivity. The best part is that the segmentation you make in this tab is yours and yours alone—they don't affect the original board or space they're in, at all!

Now access comments in List View

We love that you love our new list view look! After its debut last week, we've noted a lot of our power users have found utility in using the view to quickly punch in information—and access it—from outside the tasks.

And to make it a bit better, you can now access comments from the list view too! Add and view comments without even having to step into the task module. Isn't that amazing for making collaboration easier?

Check out all these changes in action on Sketchnote now!

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