Introducing Sketchnote Boards

October 20, 2021

Let us quickly tell you what we've been up to this past week:

Boards are finally here! Remember seeing the small sand clock icon next to Boards on your Sketchnote? Yes, that's gone now, and we couldn't be happier! This has been our tech team's baby for a while, and it promises to make your team collabs, project tracking, and future roadmaps a smoother process! Go ahead and start a board for personal use, or to track a team project. You can start an empty, custom task document. Or you can choose from one of the creations you've already unlocked. Tasks assigned to teammates will automatically show up on your boards. Pick the priority order, drag tasks into columns when their status changes, leave instructions on how to follow them and MORE with Sketchnote's new Boards!

Drag to repeat in tables We get it. Sometimes working on tables can mean filling out cells with the same information over and over again. And copy pasting can only cut it for this long. We've turned the cell highlighter into a draggable one. Take the handle and drag it to fill out as many cells as necessary with the same information. This applies to multi-select options too!

Copy pasting in tables made even better We hear you! In order to make our table absolutely power-packed, we've been sifting through all the suggestions that you've sent across and prioritizing them. One common element was multi-cell copy pasting. You asked, and we delivered. It's now much easier to select and copy paste multi cells on Sketchnote tables. This action will also add rows and columns to your table when you start running out of them. Give it a spin!

Bug fixes: Undo shortcut fixed We've gone ahead and fixed an issue with Ctrl+Z (or ⌘+Z for you Apple nerds) that a select section of new users were having. Using the keyboard shortcut for undo will now not delete anything more than the last action.

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